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Firmware Builds

Version Status Date GITLAB SDCARD Flash Tarball Browse
v0.8.10 Stable/Recommended 2022-03-15 Gitlab link Restore sdcard image Tarball Browse

Recovery Firmware

Date GITLAB .itb sha256sum
2021-11-01 Gitlab tag .itb d53a8e83cb897626023250a00ffac663f3d4890fc542d47bd9dfe0efb8b0ee4d


Date Base Status Branch GITLAB .img.gz, sysupgrade, qcow2 (ext4) NAND images sha256sums Browse
2022-03-28 21.02.2+(+5.10) Recommended arm64_2102 Gitlab link .img.gz and sysupgrade (ext4) .qcow2 ubifs sysupgrade sha256sums Browse

Please note: The NAND image format has changed (from ubifs root to squashfs root) as of the 21.02.2 build, requiring a u-boot update. OpenWrt-NAND users should install firmware v0.8.10 to update their system.


Date Status Branch GITLAB .img.gz and sysupgrade qcow2 sha256sums Browse
2022-04-04 Latest master Gitlab link .img.gz and sysupgrade qcow2 sha256sums Browse

Kernel Packages for Debian

Please view the Repository README first.

Date Kernel Release Name .deb sensor drivers/extras
2022-03-15 5.10.105 (LTS) lts-5-10 .deb sensors .deb
2022-03-15 5.15.28 (LTS) lts-5-15 .deb sensors .deb
2022-02-07 Linus/5.17.0-rc3 torvalds .deb sensors .deb