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Firmware Builds

Version Status Date GITLAB SDCARD Flash Tarball Browse
v0.8.10 Stable/Recommended 2022-03-15 Gitlab link Restore sdcard image Tarball Browse
v0.9.1 Testing 2023-09-23 Gitlab link Restore sdcard image Self extracting installer Browse

Recovery Firmware

Date GITLAB .itb sha256sum
2023-04-04 commit .itb 546a728b544b87664389ddc9e67bab7e854bb7a765cfdb07f60ab2d220374e63


NEW: You can now use 23.05 and SNAPSHOT builds from the armsr/armv8 target, or layerscape for NAND boot. See Announcement and OpenWrt firmware selector.

Date Base Status Branch CI Pipeline .img.gz, sysupgrade, qcow2 (ext4) NAND images sha256sums Browse
2023-10-09 23.05.0 recommended openwrt-23-05 1035342103 .img.gz and sysupgrade (ext4)
ubifs sysupgrade sha256sums Browse
2023-10-12 main branch (6.1 kernel) testing openwrt-master-sr-6-1 1034185978 .img.gz and sysupgrade (ext4)
ubifs sysupgrade sha256sums Browse

Please note: The NAND image format has changed (from ubifs root to squashfs root) as of the 21.02.2 build, requiring a u-boot update. OpenWrt-NAND users should install firmware v0.8.10 to update their system.


Date Status Branch CI Pipeline .img.gz and sysupgrade (ext4) NAND images sha256sums Browse
2023-04-26 Latest (OpenWrt 22.03.4) master Gitlab link .img.gz and sysupgrade ubifs sysupgrade sha256sums Browse

Kernel Packages for Debian

Please view the Repository README first.

After 6.2, all features (including SFP management) should work out of the box on mainline kernels.

Date Kernel Release Name .deb sensor drivers/extras
2023-08-07 6.5.0-rc5 torvalds .deb sensors .deb
2023-08-07 6.1.43 lts-6-1 .deb sensors .deb
2023-01-13 5.15.86 lts-5-15 .deb sensors .deb